The Jasmin Open source SMS gateway#

Jasmin is an open-source SMS Gateway with many enterprise-class features, Jasmin is built to be easily customized to meet the specific needs of messaging exchange growing business.

Based on strong message routing algorithms, Jasmin provides flexibility to define rule based routing based on various criteria: sender ID, source, destination and many combinations. Auto reconnection and re-routing mechanism managing peak hours or link failover for high availability services.

Jasmin is written in Python and Twisted framework for serving highly scalable applications, SMS message delivery can be done through HTTP and SMPP protocols, intelligent routing can be configured in real-time through an API, cli interface or a web backend [1].


  • SMPP Client / Server

  • HTTP Client / Server

  • Based on AMQP broker for store&forward mechanisms

  • Advanced message routing : Simple & static, Roundrobin, Failover, Leastcost ..

  • Standard message filtering: TransparentFilter, ConnectorFilter, UserFilter ..

  • Advanced message filtering: EvalPyFilter

  • Advanced messaging/routing mechanisms enabled by message interceptor

  • Flexible billing support

  • Supports Unicode (UTF-8 / 16) for sending out multilingual SMS

  • Supports easy creation and sending of specialized/binary SMS like mono Ringtones, WAP Push, Vcards

  • Supports concatenated (multipart) SMS contents (long SMS)

Jasmin is designed for performance, high traffic loads and full in-memory execution.

Getting started#

  • RESTful API – RESTful API technical specification

  • SMPP Server API – SMPP Server API technical specification

  • Routing – Running basic SMS and routing scenarios

  • User FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Full contents#


Jasmin is released under the terms of the [Apache License Version 2]. See `LICENSE` file for details.